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Mid-Life Crisis Countdown


By the time I was doing my second bringer show and officially announcing that I was in fact a  "working comedian" a few people doubted the authenticity of my actions.  While  I immediately wanted to silence the nay sayers and doubters, I wanted to also make it clear that I wasn't doing it for the money.  I know I would have to grind hard and sleep on the casting couch of some of the sleeziest producers while they took advantage of eager time hungry stage whores.  My doubters were asking questions like why comedy? why now?  I understood their concern. I was 39 years old and had seen several people get eaten up by the industry.  My answer. I  am 39 years old and almost at the point where I'm going to have a mid-life crisis. It would be more hilarious if I got to have a meltdown on stage and it would be so tragic that I would get a standing ovation. That's when art imitates life.  Now who wants tickets to that show?? 

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