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You can't get the whole picture if you don't know daFunnyGuy. 


Guy Murray's outlook on life can be summed-up in two words: Pure Optimism. At a young age, he developed and nurtured an upbeat philosophy about life.  Fortunately, Guy's ability to see things in a positive light, coupled with his desire to make people laugh, has served him well. While working in a lucrative position as a Computer Tech for Genica Guy who survived four rounds of downsizing was finally given his walking papers.  Prior to this wonderful string of events Guy who always clammered for the spotlight took a chance and signed up for a bringer showcase and performed on stage at the La Jolla Comedy Store.  Raw, unscripted and unbound Guy performed his first show without practice, without a setlist and without any expectations.


Now with a few shows under his belt and balls the size of grapefruit, its really hard to walk with them, Guy started looking at producing his own shows.  He tried to get a weekly Happy Hour showcase show at a restaurant and cantina but he learned that there's a place and time for everything.  This wasn't the place and 5:00pm - 7:00pm on a Thursday wasn't going to take off very well.  He pressed on and thought of bigger better shows. It wasn't until the light switch was flipped and Guy was blinded by the obviously bright light that almost every comedy show  had the same format.  Loving the idea of working with seasoned comedians and offering fresh on the scene comedians more exposure he didn't want to run a room with an open mic that lead to a showcase with a feature headliner.  He also started noticing women were coming out of the crowd and were getting out up on stage.  Some really funny women were out there but not getting the exposure they needed.  Guy thought to himself, okay there has got to be a way to get green comedians, seasoned comedians, just brutally funny comedians and women with something to prove together.  Yep, B.O.S.S.G. - Battle of the Sexes was born.  Format.. format umm how do you make a battle show different?  You toss out the gauntlet of head to head face to face battling.  Think of it as Def Comedy Jam meets 8 Mile.  Guy had been talking a good game but it was time to get the show going.  Not armed with a large database of comedians.. duh... look on Facebook, LinkedIn and so forth, Guy turned to Craigslist.  The San Diego response to the little ad was amazing and after a little networking the first show featured Steven Briggs, Vicki Barbolak, Jahmaine Whitted, Rick Martinez, Michelle Sada, Alison Prater and Bama at the American Comedy Company...we took a Sunday show slot at a comedy club that was just barely six months established in San Diego...for the small collective in attendance the show was a hit.   (the story of B.O.S.S.G. continues with the next round.. in it's planning stages).  If you really, really knew me you'd know why I'm doing comedy.  You'd know that I laugh to ease my pain and I get my energy from a room full of drunken people who would rather laugh out their problems and escape their realities.  Also if you really, really, really knew me you would say I'm so familiar but absolutely strange at the time.  Now you know!

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