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Comedy, how to know you are doing it wrong?

To many, a bombing comedian is a sad sight. I call out foul and hope that person can get past the ego of a less than successful set. Sure its fine that you got on stage, conquered a fear and didn't choke or vomit publicly. You took that chance that many won't. Welcome to the world of Stand-up Comedy! It's all fun and games until someone loses their lunch or dinner for that matter because we all know comedy can be as tragic as it is comical. To bomb on your first few outtings is natural but to keep bombing is a whole different story. I would love to bomb every night and become know as the comedian who bombs. At least I would have created a name for myself. Now how do you know you are doing it wrong? It's not the act of bombing that sets you a loft in failing in comedy it's giving up that will destroy you. You or your chosen jokes (bits, stories or segues) are going to be different and no body can tell you how to be you. Once you commit to the chosen material and if you remove your ego you will be fine. Take it out there and leave it on stage. Unless you have a real personal connection with the stories you tell don't get upset that they don't resonate with the whole audience. It only takes one or two who will remember you and found you funny. Welcome back!


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