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Punch Your Face For A Laugh

Physical comedy has many benefits and oddly enough its used less and less these days. Stand up comedy could use a punch in the face. It's almost implied for the longevity of comedy itself. Now I'm not completely talking about daredevil stunts and actually punching people in the face, some comics could use that reality though, am I right.. Whoo.. Up Top.. Don't leave me hanging. Yeah... there you go!

Physical comedy and prop comics can cross that threshold and almost guarantee they will get a reaction. Interactions with crowds and participants is heightened when you involve them in the joke. Tape Face, The Amazing Jonathon, Carrot Top and Gallagher to name a few have mastered physical comedy. I've even seen Wayne Brady darn near compose a whole set of jokes using audience participants as mannequins.

Physical comedy.. take a pie to the face, a kick to the groin for the laugh. Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, the late Chris Farley would smash through rigged furniture and I've seen local comics employ it in their acts. I have to admit that I get completely nervous when a comic takes an unsuspecting person onstage and rather than make them the butt of the joke have them practice some rather simple physical smacks at the comic's expense. The result is way too funny and everyone wishes they could have been picked to go up.

What are some of you favorite physical comedians?

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