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Art of Storytelling - How a Bit Goes a Long Way

You've worked all your material to a science and now find yourself drifting into a commonly dreaded place of safety using older bits. Today, I'd like to talk about the art of storytelling and how it can make your jokes more relatable for the audience. If you are a seasoned comedian and your style has always included edgy in your face lines and bits you can dress up a good series of jokes in your winning style with a story.

Some of the best storyteller comedians: Jerry Clower "The Mouth of the South", Andy Griffith, Ray Stevens, Sam Kinison, Gallagher, Don Rickles, Jonathon Winters and Robin Williams, all had a way of turning a line, into a bit and bit into a story all the while ready to redirect and deliver the most amazing punchlines.

Your story can be related and even unrelated to series of jokes that will demand a callback. Heres an example:

Comedian: I went out and got some sun today. It's Southern California and rightfully so I felt it was my turn to turn it up a notch and get some sun. It's these darn solar panels I can't figure out! I put them up at night so I figured they would be ready when the sun came out. I even waited for Sunday! Nothing! Anybody else go Solar? Yes.. how is that working for you? I got all theses solar calculators and now I need to calculate how much sun it's going to take to get my money back... even these calculators aren't coming on.

<inserts factual story> The Solar System will remain roughly as we know it today until the hydrogen in the core of the Sun has been entirely converted to helium, which will occur roughly 5 billion years from now. This will mark the end of the Sun's main-sequence life. At this time, the core of the Sun will collapse, and the energy output will be much greater than at present. The outer layers of the Sun will expand to roughly 260 times its current diameter, and the Sun will become a red giant. Because of its vastly increased surface area, the surface of the Sun will be considerably cooler (2,600 K at its coolest) than it is on the main sequence.[44] The expanding Sun is expected to vaporize Mercury and render Earth uninhabitable. ..

errr... 5 billion years.? So who wants a calculator?

Get a good story, some facts and expand your bits. Tell me a story. I'll catch you around.

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